Pub Quality Taste at Home

Party tips are coming your way. I promised them in this blog and today I will help you learn to entertain friends or family at home with a kegerator. I have found this form of serving beer to be novel and fun; all the guest love to serve themselves. Plus, you can change out the brand you serve and even include specialty home brew.

Let’s start the lesson with the necessities for a basic bar. If you don’t have a wine cooler or beer fridge, it doesn’t matter. You can put a small under-the-counter unit in most confined spaces. Get what is called an “apartment size.” Stock it with lemons and limes along with your favorite beverages. A wine rack that holds a dozen bottles can sit on the counter next to your bar sink. If you have a drawer for tools so much the better. Otherwise you can improvise with a small basket that matches your décor. Among the tools should be a sharp paring knife, lemon zester, corkscrew and beer can opener at the very least. A few towels will help keep things neat.

I love a display shelf on an adjacent wall for beer glasses, wine goblets and assorted barware for mixed drinks. It looks nice although you need to pop them in the dishwasher from time to time. They are what my mother calls “dust catchers.” No matter. When guests arrive, they are within easy reach. I like to serve beer so it keeps things simple. All I need is the one mini kegerator, which I bought from, and some quality suds. Occasionally I will go the distance and get out the scotch, gin and vodka. If this is your style, keep club soda on hand and some orange juice to make a Tom Collins. Learn to make a wine spritzer for hot summer nights. I love a champagne kir but then you need some blackberry liqueur. I don’t stock all the usual types of liquor as I am not a restaurant. Ha! I feel like it sometimes when I give parties. Meanwhile, I like to give someone the beverage of their choice among the most basic.

When the kegerator is visible, people flock to it to see how it works. They know the contents will be the best. Otherwise there is no point. I happen to have a double faucet version so people can do a taste test and make their selection. The party revolves around the unit and beer aficionados are more than content. I think I might have converted a few people to regular beer drinking as a result of my kegerator parties. If your friends are one dimensional, you probably don’t need a full bar at all. If you want to give it a go, buy your supplies at a discount store, knowing they will last a long time. Liquor doesn’t “go bad.” If people know you can make mixed drinks, they will ask for their favorite or even show you how.