Good Fun for the Whole Family

Are you looking for a new kind of fun? Do you need a novelty to lure the kids in your life away from their video games and cell phones? Is date night looming and you want to surprise your girlfriend or wife? I have the answer. Here is what I do. I love a trampoline. You can find them at specialty recreation places and the gym. Now, I wouldn’t go there for a special day or night out, but you can practice a bit and show off. Ha! If you can manage a few knee tucks, half or full twists, seat landings, straddles, flips and somersaults, or pikes, you will wow the crowd, not to mention your date or family. Get on board with the latest craze and have fun or workout. Play some music for an extra boost. I find that I jump higher when it is to a great beat.

If kids or grandkids are involved, I look for a nearby festival or theme park that has a moon bounce or other trampoline variation. There is usually a variety of entertainment for young ones who get bored. They gravitate to food trucks, crafts demonstrations, and live music venues. With my flock, it is always back to the trampoline for more. They need a break, sure, but they never get tired of the buoyancy. Who does love being high off the ground? You feel like you are flying and free as a bird. When it comes to wholesome fun for everyone, a trampoline is the way to go. You just need to make sure to find the right trampoline brand for that matches your needs and budget. I have tons of photos on Instagram and Facebook to prove it.

You can plan a birthday party for kids around the device. I create games and competitions so I can give out prizes: the best and highest jump, the most “advanced” trick, the coolest double jump, and the longest sequential bouncing. You can think up anything on your own. The prizes don’t have to be a big deal, just something the kids want like candy or a game. I let my kids wear costumes and masks on these special occasions to maximize the fun.

Jumping on a trampoline means taking a turn unless the amusement park has more than one. It doesn’t matter the size, from mini to regulation. Kids don’t need a lot of space. The good news is that these parks have spotters for extra safety. The equipment is always in top shape so accidents almost never happen. Parents never need to worry as they do on the scary roller coaster rides. The kids love the atmosphere of the bustling park. They prefer it in my family to miniature golf, a movie, or a day at the beach. Give them a trampoline and they are off and bouncing their little hearts out. In fact, they are so overjoyed that I want to gift them a home size trampoline in the near future. They can’t seem to get enough!