What Makes a Great Outdoor Spot to Eat?

You say food, I listen. Let’s talk about what you love to eat. I will share my own joys in the realm of sizzlin’ cuisine. This means fun food that everyone loves because it is inexpensive, tasty, readily available (in Spokane) and out of this world. Foodies unite! Let’s keep our palates busy. While Washington is known for starting major coffee chains that have spread far and wide, it is also a bastion of great food and drink. We have a plethora of restaurants and we love to eat out. If you are a visitor looking at a guide book, you will see Clover, Frank’s Diner, Milford’s Fish House, and Mizuna—selections in different price ranges. I would include Clinkerdagger, just for the name, and Wild Sage American Bistro. Sante Restaurant is also on everyone’s list. Meanwhile, I am looking to share the best outdoor eateries with my blog readers today.

If you want to know what I look for, it is above all the menu. It must be varied with dishes made to perfection. It should be in a good, easy-to-reach location and offer comfortable seating and some nice scenery. I enjoy places with nature views as much as the street scene. If it has wobbly tables, it gets one strike. If the waiters are snotty, it gets another. It must have music. I expect outdoor speakers (wireless of course) to transmit just the right tunes for the spot, but that’s only one of the real benefits of owning them. The rest you can find here: https://www.outdoorlightandsound.com/key-benefits-outdoor-speaker-systems/. It can be too loud or intrusive. The nice feature of such systems is that they are adjustable. You can move them about as they are portable, and you can control the sound quality and volume. In the long run, it is all about the food, but ambience says a lot.

The Flying Goat has a lovely outdoor patio with a fire pit. It is cozy in the winter and refreshing in the spring and summer. Strategically placed umbrellas populate the area for protection from sudden showers—we do get them up here. The restaurant gets very high ratings and reviews due to the combination of fabulous fare and the environment. Customers rave about the “great place and staff.” The atmosphere always gets mentioned. As yet, I haven’t seen any comments on the music, the fact that it isn’t live and comes from speakers. No matter, I will be the first.

If you like specialty beers locally brewed, this is the hot spot for locals. It can get crowded on certain nights, which to me only adds to the fun. Plus, the curry chicken pizza is to die for—the best in Spokane. I love trendy places that appeal to people of all ages. The Flying Goat is relaxed and casual and the perfect place for a date or group party. My friends sum it up nicely: “great staff and awesome food.” What more do I want: eating outdoors!