Great Local Dining

Dining out is such a treat, isn’t it? From exploring new flavors and cuisines to ordering the usual while sitting at your favorite table, living in a foodie town like Spokane can be an amazing experience. Everyone has their preferred haunts, of course. But if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, here are some of our favorite places:

For breakfast and brunch, try The Kalico Kitchen. While the food is inexpensive, it is still of great quality and the service is definitely good. The selection is great, especially when you’re with picky eaters, those who never order the same thing twice, or a large group.

When you’re looking for a good lunch with some interesting atmosphere, the Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar is an exceptional choice. Part of the Davenport Tower, their lunch menu in particular is impressive. We love the Lemon Basil Chicken Salad as well as the Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich.

If you’re up for some amazing pizza, please try The Flying Goat. They’ve got some of the most delicious and creative pizzas in town. Our favorite is the Dalton, which has BBQ sauce, pulled pork, onions, and coleslaw. They also have a great selection of beer and wine. Because beer and wine go great with artisanal pizza!

Speaking of beer and wine, a great place to go for pub food is the Rusty Moose Bar and Grill. While you can get a regular burger, the Moose also serves venison, elk, and bison, too. Just remember to save room for dessert, as their after-meal offerings are amazing. Smores for the table or a Lodge Mud Pie, anyone?

If you’re looking for delicious seafood, Clinkerdagger is a great place to visit. Between the food, the lovely décor of the restaurant, and the beautiful Spokane River views, this place is a sure winner. If you can’t decide between the seafood and the steaks, try the Rock Salt Roasted Prime Rib & Grilled Salmon, the best of both worlds!

Our favorite date night restaurant is Scratch, located in the Davenport district. The lobster mac and cheese is phenomenal, and so is their Osso Bucco. The food is great, made and prepared fresh, and the atmosphere is upscale without being pretentious. It might not be everyone’s first pick for a romantic meal, but that’s because they’ve probably never had the seafood trio!

The best all-around place to go, day or night, is probably Frank’s Diner. It’s busy, and certainly not the largest place to eat (it’s literally a train car). While you can argue that it’s diner food, it has high-quality ingredients and is skillfully prepared. Most of the menu items have been locally sourced, which elevates Frank’s above other casual diners in the area. It’s hard to pick just one item off their menu that we love!

So these are some of the places that we like to go. Tell us in the comments where you like to eat and what’s great to order there. This way we can create a restaurant guide for all of us to experience new places and try different menu items!